Case Studies

Tony 69 yrs   keep-calm-and-get-healthy-13

Tony has been taking natural supplements for the successful management of his Psoriatic Arthritis for the last 12 years.  Tony gradually lowered doses of medication ‘salazopyrin’ over 9 months and recently his latest X rays have shown the arthritis in his hands is stable and well managed.  Tony does not have any pain and is able to use his hands as he did before the onset of the arthritis.

The Psoriasis skin condition, which had continued to be a problem, has now improved by about 80%.  This came about after including the dietary changes recommended by the bio-compatibility hair analysis report.

Marisa 41 yrs

Marisa had a very swollen mouth, and general skin irritation, which was very red, dry and itchy on her face.  Swollen eyelids and very sensitive skin was alleviated by eliminating foods suggested by the bio-compatibility report.

After 4 weeks of eliminating the recommended foods, Marisa’s skin has stayed clear with no recurrence of sensitivity on her face for the last year.  Marisa now finds she is able to tolerate small amounts of the identified troublesome food.

Paige 20 yrs

The hair analysis bio-compatibility recommendations have meant that Paige now has no symptoms of the excruciating pain in her ankle that she suffered for 5 years even after trying orthotics and other dietary recommendations for several years.

Lesley 69 yrs

Lesley was following a strict anti-candida diet to control symptoms of IBS disease, muscle aches & hip pain. Lesley found that with the bio-compatibility results she had more food choices, ultimately overcoming her increasing sensitivities and losing that annoying pain in her hip/groin area that never did seem to disappear until this eating plan was implemented. Overwhelmingly, her reaction was that “it was very easy to do”. Lesley has continued with regular hair tests (every 12 months) and has found this year 2015 many complaints have resolved. Lesley now enjoys exceptional health compared to the years prior to doing this eating plan.