At Digestive eating disorders Adelaide Online Clinic – Why would I see a Nutritionist rather than a doctor?   Pessle-1024x1024

In some cases the doctor’s approach can be to treat the symptoms, whereas at Digestive disorders Adelaide I try to find the underlying cause.  As an example a doctor may prescribe a cream to rub on a rash whereas I would try to find the reason you got the rash and by making dietary changes, ease the rash.

Why should I be concerned with the treatment, as long as the rash goes?

Because the rash is the external result of perhaps a more serious ailment.  For example, minor rashes are a bit unsightly and sometimes become a bit sore and itchy; unfortunately later in life, joint soreness can develop which is very serious.

Why you and not another Nutritionist/Naturopath?

Not all Nutritionists treat ailments the same way, so if your Nutritionist is having success with clearing up your ailment stay with them, but if not, it may be the right time now to try other options of treatment.

What ailments can be relieved with this treatment?

Changing your diet may relieve discomfort and bloating, irritable bowel, headaches, skin conditions, sinus issues, excess mucus, amongst others.

How long does it take?

Some foods are avoided for 6 months, after which time, you can gradually reintroduce foods and see how your body responds. With the experience gained you will have a better understanding of what foods should be avoided and the foods eaten in moderation will not to aggravate your condition.  Balanced against the length of time you have had your condition it is a small time frame to get better.

How is it implemented?

You will receive a 16 page report outlining the whole programme which I will guide you through.  The test report will list the 600 items and those items highlighted in RED must be avoided.  You build your diet from the remaining items,  right down to the brand names.