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Digestive Disorder & IBS Clinics Adelaide uses a trusted hair sample report to help identify client’s foods irritating their body to improve gut health. Ailments improved are skin allergies, cramps and bloating, joint pain, bowel and autoimmune problems orderform and more serious allergic reactions.

If you would like to get started with this approach you can order your hair sample report now.  The report will give you a complete list of foods that are safe for your body, then some foods that are irritants to your system:  all from a small snip of your hair!

The test also looks at cleaning and other personal care products in case these are the source of your troubles.

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A digestive disorder can show up after eating.    Over time foods start to cause pain & bloating making life miserable.  Your body no longer copes and becomes insensitive to certain trigger foods.  Then IBS rears as the overwhelming issue. This pattern is the start of inflammation in the body caused by your body’s own immune response which leads to discomfort, followed by IBS irregularities.

The rash that never goes away, the aches & pains that just worsen gradually, lethargy, stress related disorders, depression, and the never ending bloating & reflux.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Asthma, Migraines, all start with our diet and at Digestive Disorders & IBS Clinics we aim to get the diet right by eliminating the incompatible foods, giving the body time to heal and repair.  Get diet right before the serious chronic condition develops. Even if that happens, the body is very forgiving and can, given the right support, gentle herbal tonics and supportive supplements repair and heal so you regain your health.  Diagnosis with a debilitating condition doesn’t have to be a lifelong scenario. Call us today and get started today on 0435 431 717.