Winter is a time for comfort food. Hearty soups or roasts with lots of root vegies such as parsnip, sweet potato, turnip, carrot, onion, potato and also pumpkin with your favourite meat. Want to know exactly what foods are best for your diet. Get tested today and stop wondering which […]

Healthy eating

Positive action for your active healthy life. Staying fit and eating right to keep active & involved in an awesome lifestyle is always worth the effort. Clients find the results of feeling stronger with more energy quickly overtake the doubts they may have experienced at the start of the regaining […]

Be Healthy

Hi Everyone Congratulations to all who are getting great results from following your eating plan.  Symptom relief followed by all over healing and repair is well worth going without a few foods for 6 – 9 months. If you have been following your eating plan for over 12 months now, […]

Promoting Health

Hi All Here’s a very important question… When you think of supporting your immune system, what do you think of first? Do you think of taking more Vitamin C or Vitamin D? Do you think of eliminating junk food from your diet? Do you think of getting more sleep? If […]

Good Gut Health

Hi Everyone The festive season is upon us.  Wow where did the year go Hope you are all well, slimmer, younger looking and feeling energetic. Health & vitality are awesome outcomes of an awareness of your body’s limitations. Developing strategies to enjoy ourselves and keep motivated to stay fit and […]

The Festive Season

Hi Everyone As a Naturopath I see people who have various health issues.  These vary from feeling sick, tired, depressed and overweight. I advise to start treating the gut right and in time the issues will be minimized as leaky gut is healed.  By eating the best possible compatible diet, […]

Eat right for Gut health

Hi Everyone Our great lifestyle is truly a blessing.  Then we sometimes have to deal with the trade offs. Having food sensitivities can make eating out and family gatherings a pain. The interesting thing is that most people start to develop them begin noticing they get worse over time. Which […]

Spring means growth.

Hi Everyone Keeping healthy in Winter is a priority now. Never underestimate the power of eating all the right foods for your body. Testing at Digestive Disorders Clinic informs you of any incompatible foods and after eliminating these foods, over time, your body can heal and repair. Healing herbal supplements […]

Keep Healthy in Winter

Hi Everyone Hope you are all enjoying the awesome April weather. Its got to be the best time of the year. Loving the safer & more effective Modere products. Supplements, personal care, skincare, cleaning products to get healthy, stay healthy. Click on Modere Site to access these superb products. Any […]

Live Clean – benefits your health

Hi Everyone I recently attended the Modere SRC where an amazing new skincare product was launched. The revolutionary Modere I/D Anti Aging System. Modere I/D is a revolutionary two part anti-aging system combining an exclusive botanical infusion gel with a powerful environmental defense shield. You will experience visible results, and […]

New Skincare