Eat right for Gut health

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As a Naturopath I see people who have various health issues.  These vary from feeling sick, tired, depressed and overweight.

I advise to start treating the gut right and in time the issues will be minimized as leaky gut is healed.  By eating the best possible compatible diet, a probiotic & prebiotic, bone broths and sauerkraut we feed our microbiome (which is the name given to the millions of bugs that inhabit our gut).

80% of your immune system is around the gut and your gut microbiome plays a huge role in modulating this system.  When the immune system is working correctly, it protects you from infection without going haywire and causing autoimmune problems.

Your gut microbiome regulates digestion.  When they do their job right we get the nutrients we need to stay healthy and energetic.  When they aren’t we suffer from gas, bloating, constipation & diarrhea.

So unhealthy gut microbiome leads to inflammation, then over time this causes leaky gut, allowing toxins and undigested food particles to escape into your bloodstream.  Your immune system goes into hyper drive, then chronic system wide inflammation is the result.  Heal this inflammation and you get slimmer, younger and healthier.

Call Teresa today on 0435 431 717 to work out your best approach to improve the energy, health and youthful vigor in your life right now.

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