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Hi Everyone

Modere is here. Just use a promo code and you get $10.00 off your first order, earn credits towards more purchases, go into draws for give-aways and 10 shopping credits every time you refer a friend. Promo code 947728 is live and ready to go from 1st September, 2015. The website url is

In the meantime, anyone who wishes to join for free, or renew for free with the purchase of just 1 product, eg toothpaste, gets 15 months membership as a Modere Social Marketer. The advantages are immense with this once only offer until 1st September, 2015. Social marketers also have access to the heritage products that were in Neways range until sold out. Lots of specials as well in the Neways range as it is going, going …………………..

So get busy and check out the great deals. As always give me a call on 0435 431 717 for all queries, meet ups and consults.

Teresa X

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