October – Live Clean

Hi Everyone

Latest on the Modere blog is Live Clean – overwhelmingly the message is avoid the toxins in the products you use around your home for your family’s health. The labelling laws in this country allow omissions in the ingredient list if the amounts are considered too small to have an impact but unfortunately they do. Also the All natural and organic claims can be made if only one ingredient (eg water) is natural. Its a continual problem. So click on the Modere logo on the home page of this website to check out Modere products for the live clean solution.

This month features a talk at Kensington, on Friday 23rd at 7.30pm RSVP for the details. Hope everyone can attend.

If your interest is in Hormone health – on 15th October, Thursday evening there is a talk. RSVP for the details.

Tuesday 27th – A focus on products to improve sport performance. These are live clean products. Talk by Prof Peter Dingle at Grange 7.30pm. RSVP for details.

Well the month is going to be very enjoyable. Please ring for details.

Live clean safely, Teresa

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