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Hi Everyone

Congratulations to all who are getting great results from following your eating plan.  Symptom relief followed by all over healing and repair is well worth going without a few foods for 6 – 9 months.

If you have been following your eating plan for over 12 months now, an update is always a good strategy.  Over time if you have experienced any new symptoms, think about booking a retest.

The body is always renewing itself.  The ability to heal & repair might need further assistance.  Take your healing to the next level and start with a retest to determine accurately if the foods you are eating nearly everyday are bio available for your body right now.

Soups are another great idea,especially in Winter when warming foods are particular delicious.  Recipes are available.  Just email or ring and I can send to you by return.  0435 431 717.

Bye, Teresa



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