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Our great lifestyle is truly a blessing.  Then we sometimes have to deal with the trade offs.

Having food sensitivities can make eating out and family gatherings a pain. The interesting thing is that most people start to develop them begin noticing they get worse over time. Which is frustrating, especially when you just want to eat to feel good.

The silver lining here is that many of the food problems you are having could be completely reversed. Many people thought they were allergic to dairy, only to fix their leaky gut and be able to eat an amazing piece of cheese again. The curious thing is that you probably remember a time when you could eat the food that’s causing you problems without a reaction. What changed, to now your body can’t handle this food?

In order to develop food intolerances, the immune system must be seeing it as a BAD thing. Which would only happen if food particles are somehow getting into your body, ending up in all the wrong places. And that’s exactly what happens when your gut wall doesn’t do its job.

When these food particles slip into the body through a leaky gut instead of being properly broken down and absorbed, they are now “foreign invaders” and must be destroyed.

Your immune system doesn’t care if the beef you ate was grass-fed. All it sees is a piece of food that wasn’t broken down properly, floating around in the body. And it swoops in and fights… sometimes very violently. This immune system response can cause all kinds of symptoms like brain fog, migraines, skin problems, joint pain, and more.

If your gut is healthy these undigested food particles won’t get into the body. Instead, they’re sent down to the colon to get processed with the rest of your poop.

But if you have leaky gut, the food particles will just go right into the body and you can become reactive to many things you’re eating. The great thing is that most people who repair their leaky gut and reduce their inflammation can actually begin to eat many foods again. Even those people who can only tolerate 7 foods right now, can someday eat a very diverse diet once they fix their leaky gut.

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